Welcome to EB Vapors

     We are a vapor store located in Riverton UT. Our goal is to deliver our customers with the satisfaction they deserve and give them the support and knowledge of vaping, whether they are using electronic cigarettes as an alternative to smoking or just enjoying the vapor experience. EB Vapors goal is to create a lasting friendship with everyone that we deliver service to, your always welcome in our store (Enter as strangers, leave as friends) is our goal.

      We have a wide variety of kits to offer to our customers, starting with low cost starter kits or singles, to more advanced mods for those who really enjoy the vapor experience. We have a large selection of cartomizer tanks, pyrex glass, or plastic, we also carry a wide variety of clearomizer style tanks as well as rebuildables. We have a variety of tips, we stock extra batteries and chargers for whatever mod you decide to carry.

     We carry 5 different juice lines, Vapors XTC, Vapor Vapes, and High Caliber which come in a 50/50 mixture. Pure XTC, and Signature Smoke Juice are a 30/70 mixture. All of the flavors come in nicotine levels from 0mg - 24mg. We carry flavors from tobaccos, fruits, desserts, candies and coffee. We have received great reviews from our customers on our juice line and would like to thank everyone for their support and input.